Flexpower Amino Mass 1kg Strawberry

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Flexpower Amino Mass to gain mass high in natural protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals.

  • Best combination of natural carbohydrate
  • High in amino acids (BCAAs)
  • Increasing Energy Level Maintained.
  • HIgh Performance Level.

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FLEXPOWER AMINO MASS  is high In protein, bursting with healthy power packed calories and loaded with the latest performance nutrients

FLEXPOWER AMINO MASS  is a true giant among Gainers, You can depend on FLEXPOWER AMINO MASS  to help you to pack on pounds like never before. That’s because FLEXPOWER AMINO MASS  was developed by the same team of body-building and athlete nutrition specialists that brought to you number one weight gainer formula by FLEX POWER NUTRITION.

If you want to gain weight like the professionals, you have got to do 2 things: 1. TRAIN HARD AND 2. ADD FLEXPOWER AMINO MASS  to your diet.

FLEXPOWER AMINO MASS  is a unique combination of quality ingredient formula to grow muscle mass weight gain. FLEXPOWER AMINO MASS  formula is different than others. You can feel it when you use it. You can see its results from a day. It will increase stamina, strength, and support to achieve your goal. It has power to grow your wheal power. It will show you best result. If you will use it for three month regularly than it will support to gain your weight with muscle mass as per your goal. You can achieve with its which your goal


Direction For Use:

Add 3 scopps (approximately 100gms) of Flexpower Amino Mass to a 250ml warm milk or water stir well to make a paste.  Stirring slowly to delicious drink.  Add sugar if needed.  Take Flexpower Amino mass 2 to 3times a day.  One serving before workout 1/2 an hour with milk, juice or water and one after workout must.

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